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THIS IS REALLY LONG OH GOD I’M SORRY except I’m not because awareness is important.

So two beautiful people - qtmaster and ninjasexfarty - nominated me for the ALS Ice Bucket challenge, so here we are!

I’m challenging rocktoberfest and ghostein here on Tumblr. If ya’ll are at all able, then you have twenty-four hours to post your own video, or suffer the consequences!

(the consequences are no smutty RP replies jsyk)

I talk a bit about ALS and its effects in my video, but please go learn about ALS and donate if you can, and, if you can’t, continue to signal boost the challenges you see to spread awareness! They’re receiving a huge spike of donations toward this terrible disease, and God knows they need them!

My perf wife did it too! I had the unfortunate duty of pouring the ice on her…


If you cant attend life drawing sessions. This is the best thing for you

Let me show you something I recently found : Croquis Cafe!

You get to see models of different colors and shapes in a life drawing setting. They move and breath while posing (breathing like in real life :O) ambient music is playing in the background and you have 1, 2  and 5 minute sessions. I find it very helpful , you should try it.








I injured my wrists around a month ago, probably through a long combination of stress, poor posture, and waiting tables that affected my muscles all the way from my shoulders down to my fingertips. My husband had wrist surgery and was out of work for quite a while after that, so I had to keep working through my injury even though I could feel that it was getting worse with each passing day. Bills exist, after all. But after working ten hours straight on Saturday and seven hours straight on Sunday, I came home and cried from the pain and finally gave in and had a breakdown.

Went to work today and told them that I have to stop waiting tables. I’m not going to permanently injure myself if I can help it, not when my biggest dreams revolve around being published and one day writing for a living.

What this means is that I’m going back to seating tables instead, since I won’t have to lift anything heavier than a high chair, and that means my weekly paycheck is going to be cut in half at the minimum, maybe as high as two-thirds if they can’t give me the hours I need. My husband’s going to be able to take on some of the bills in September - new job and all that fun stuff - but that’s a long way away, and that means I’m in a really crunchy financial spot right now.

Basically…if you admire my writing and have an extra dollar or two laying around, now would be a fantastic time to take out a writing commission.


  • Representing diversity realistically
  • Deep and intimate characterization
  • Realism
  • Sexuality as it is lived in real life, not necessarily how it’s portrayed in various forms of media
  • Conflict, and the best or worst ways to resolve it
  • Finishing a story when it’s finished - I won’t necessarily stretch it out to the maximum that you’re willing to pay, unless the story can’t reach its conclusion without getting all the way there. It ends when it tells me it’s time to end.


  • Hopeful endings, rather than happy ones
  • Angsty endings, where I can rip your heart out with feels
  • Romance that’s a little scandalous (teacher/student, infidelity, broad age gaps, etc)
  • Longer pieces where I can flesh characters out
  • Extensive knowledge of music, both classical and commercial, and the theory behind it
  • Dialogue
  • Chemistry and tension, between characters as well as between the story and the reader


  • One completed and revised novel, one rough draft of a novel, and two more in the making
  • Veteran of four National Novel Writing Months, which means I can be pretty frightfully prolific in a very short period of time
  • Roleplayer for the past fifteen years
  • Finished out my college career with a year and a half of literature and creative writing classes, as well as one-on-one mentor/protegee workshop and writing attention
  • A really obnoxious amount of older and random fandoms


  • My price is a penny per two words. It averages out to $1 per 200 words, $5 per 1,000 words, $10 per 2,000 words, etc. I’ll always round up (1,585 words would be $7.93, just like 1,586 words). Note that all forms of currency are the American dollar.
  • I’ll write original pieces if you give me a prompt, but I won’t write your OCs in a present universe or self-insert fiction. I just don’t feel capable of capturing things like that accurately, not until I get my telepathy implant installed. There are a few exceptions, and they know already who they are without question
  • I’ll write romance, gen, friendship, angst, any genre and any ship your little heart desires, even if I personally can’t stand it (see Draco/Hermione and the fact that I will work my butt off to make a good, realistic, sexy Dramione fic if you’re willing to pay for it).
  • I am more than willing to write sexual situations, though kinks must be discussed. Rape is an automatic no.
  • I’m also willing to write heavy violence or gore - give me all your crazy villains, because those are my favorites.
  • AUs are totally fine. Just let me know any specific details you’re looking for, and I’ll flesh everything out as best I can. Also be sure that you let me know in the Details section of the form below if you want a specific representation of a character (sexgod!Snape as opposed to prude!Snape, or openlypan!Arin as opposed to closeted!Arin, so to speak).
  • My word count cap is going to be 20,000 words. I really excel at longer pieces, which is why the cap is so high, so heck, if you really wanna give me that $100, I’ll totally write you that short novella, haha!
  • Ultimately I own this piece of writing - you cannot claim to have written it yourself and, if you repost it anywhere, you must link to me as the author - and I will post it on my Tumblr as reference for future commissioners.


  • Fandom (if this is an Original prompt, let me know that here):
  • Prompt (be as detailed as you want, whether it’s a few words or a full outline):
  • Maximum Word Count (200 words min to 20,000 max; this way I won’t go over whatever amount you’re willing to pay. To plan exactly how much you might owe me, take the maximum you want to spend and DIVIDE it by 0.005, and you will receive the maximum word count):
  • Characters Involved/Ship (don’t be afraid of threesomes or foursomes or mass orgies, because those are just as fun to write. Same with love triangles or beyond):
  • Details (NSFW? Any specific kinks? Violence? Should the characters not actually get together in the end? Is the romance one-sided? Anything or any characters you DON’T want featured?):
  • Email address where you can be reached:


1.) You SUBMIT the above form to me
2.) I reply to confirm the details and ask any questions I may have
3.) I complete the story in a timely manner and have a neutral party read over it to make sure it flows well
4.) I send you a screenshot showing a section of the completed product and the word count
5.) You send the money to my Paypal account
6.) I send you the full piece of writing and, with your permission, I post it on Tumblr or another writing site for others to enjoy as well, as well as add any original prompted stories to my portfolio
7.) You roll around and have all the feels you always dreamed of. <3


—-As I said, every dollar helps, seriously. And even if you’re in a situation where you can’t give me a dollar, I’d appreciate it if you’d take a moment and reblog this to signal-boost it for me. Writing commissions get so little attention as opposed to visual art ones, and I’d love to see this change. Thanks to everyone who took the time to read this through! You’re all awesome and sweeties!


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My wife writes awesome stuff - if you’d like to help us get through a lean month by commissioning her I’d appreciate it!

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