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So, there are over 25,000 of ya’ll that follow me on Tumblr right now. Like…um, whoa?! That’s a whole lot of you awesome people. And that means it’s time for another follower giveaway!!!! As a big ol’ giant thank ya, I want to give out some fun goodies!


  • Must be following this blog!
  • Like and/or reblog this post to enter. Two entries max please!

that’s all!

TWO Winners are going to win:

  • FREE ART: MAX TWO Free Character Bust AND/OR Chibi! Bust Examples: (x) (x) Chibi Example: (x)
  • FREE ITEMS: MAX OF THREE free items from my store! (x) (possibly some random extras included!)

Giveaway will be going on until next Monday, September 8, 2014 and end at 12 A.M. EST! Three winners will be picked randomly, announced/tagged through a post, and contacted via askbox. Be sure to have it enabled! If there is no response within three days, an alternative winner will be selected!

Also, if you are not comfortable with giving your address for the items, please let me know and someone else will be selected for it!

Thank you again everyone for your continued support! You guys deserve all the hugs T_T ♥

Hey guys! Asieybarbie’s got a LOT of followers. Send her some congrats, follow her if you don’t already, and reblog this for a chance at FABULOUS PRIZES!


THIS IS REALLY LONG OH GOD I’M SORRY except I’m not because awareness is important.

So two beautiful people - qtmaster and ninjasexfarty - nominated me for the ALS Ice Bucket challenge, so here we are!

I’m challenging rocktoberfest and ghostein here on Tumblr. If ya’ll are at all able, then you have twenty-four hours to post your own video, or suffer the consequences!

(the consequences are no smutty RP replies jsyk)

I talk a bit about ALS and its effects in my video, but please go learn about ALS and donate if you can, and, if you can’t, continue to signal boost the challenges you see to spread awareness! They’re receiving a huge spike of donations toward this terrible disease, and God knows they need them!

My perf wife did it too! I had the unfortunate duty of pouring the ice on her…


If you cant attend life drawing sessions. This is the best thing for you

Let me show you something I recently found : Croquis Cafe!

You get to see models of different colors and shapes in a life drawing setting. They move and breath while posing (breathing like in real life :O) ambient music is playing in the background and you have 1, 2  and 5 minute sessions. I find it very helpful , you should try it.